Sunday, August 21, 2011

We Interupt This Blog Series...

Happy weekend! I have had an interesting week. I had Wednesday and Thursday off.

HAPPY DANCE! luck (or lack of sometimes) would have it, on Wednesday morning I opened the door of my car, shut it, or attempted to shut it, and the strike (the part where the door thingy meets the other door thingy) fell out onto the ground.

 Uh oh!

There wasn't a bungee cord or zip tie to be found. So I was obviously not going anywhere. RATS! I had been planning on taking a trip to the farm market to get some fresh peaches, broccoli and spinach. So I was bummed.

A little back story on my car before I continue. We bought it in August of 2005. It was (notice how I say was) a 1999 GMC Jimmy. I LOVED it! Four wheel drive...lots of room...moon roof...rockin' stereo system. Perfect! Or so I thought. Eighty days after we bought it, the engine blew, along with the catalytic converter:( That was EXPENSIVE. So I vowed I was gonna drive it into the ground.

Fast forward back to Wednesday. So there I was with no ride. I can't say that I was shocked. I just hadn't imagined this would be the end. I thought maybe she would have gone out with a bigger bang. Not that there wasn't plenty wrong with her:
  • The "check engine" light had been on and off for months.
  • The breaks never worked right (my hubby replaced the break pads every 3 or 4 months, and a rotor or two at least once a year...EVERY year!).
  • A wheel bearing was going bad in the front.
  • The transmission was starting to get a little...uh...skippy (I don't know a better way to describe it).
  • A furry beast had eaten one of the seat belts out of the back seat.
  • Bald tires.
  • Small things too numerous to count. 


I was hangin' on though.

But that darn door was the last straw. If it costs more to fix than it's's time.


I got a new car!

I about had a panic attack (actually...I did!) when I signed the papers (understandable considering the last car buying experience we had), but I am really happy with my 2008 Chrysler Town and Country Touring!!!


Here are some random pictures from our this past week and weekend...

Goofing off at the farm market (which we went to while waiting for the paperwork on the car).
They have an awesome cafe where we ate lunch, which included farm fresh veggies on our salads, Fresh baked bread, and homemade cinnamon apple sauce (instead of fries) with the kiddos meals.

Saturday night cruise...

along the waterfront...

Gorgeous sunset!
This is why we live in Northern Michigan!

And finally...

a cheesy self pic of me and my new haircut.
 I almost cried as my wonderful stylist, Jason, whacked off six inches of hair.
It had to be done though.
Luckily I have found some awesome new vitamins that will help my hair stay healthy!
(But more about that later;))

What did you do this weekend? 


P.S. Be back tomorrow with the continuation of my Better Eating Series!


  1. Oh no I am so sorry about your Jimmy! We had one too and I LOVED it! However, YEAH for your new car!! It looks great, so many buttons and gadgets. :)
    I love the photos of the water, it is just so beautiful. I am glad that you had a good weekend and your hair look beautiful!
    Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on your new vehicle! Awesome!


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