Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Day to a Happy, Healthy Family: Pantry/Cupboard/Fridge OVERHAUL!

Hello, and welcome to the first day of 31 Days to a Happy, Healthy Family!

I thought that I would start the series by showing you what we eat.
I opened my pantry, cupboards and fridge and clicked away.
I know that I am the nosy sort, and LOVE when fellow bloggers show me what they eat (or wear, or the beauty products they use...)


(Then we'll talk about the changes YOU need to make to your stockpile.)

My fridge:)

I keep my grains refrigerated for freshness...especially organic ones, because they contain NO preservatives.

The produce drawer...washed lettuce and cauliflower, ready to eat!


My favorite organic chicken.

I always keep citrus fruit separate from other will cause it to ripen and rot faster.

My favorite cupboard ♥ 

Lots of spices and seasonings are essential for cooking and baking from scratch:)

Yes, those are blue sprinkles...I do occasionally make the kiddos some less than healthy treats.
 AND that is okay...OCCASIONALLY!

 The pantry.

Behind the first row you see are more oils and vinegars...
coconut oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, organic balsamic vinegar, rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar and white balsamic vinegar.

Canned bought and home canned:)

 Pastas and bread crumbs (which I can't remember the last time I used...better check the expiration date;))

My wellness protein, flax and green tea.
And...yes,  I use 3 different kinds of peanut butter (one is in the fridge)!
One for baking, one for eating, and one unsweetened all natural for sandwiches w/ jelly to cut the sugar content of the whole sandwich.

I buy tuna in the pouch to eliminate our exposure to BPA in the cans.
Also, I prefer albacore (for omega-3's), but because of the high mercury content, it should only be consumed by women and children 1 or 2 times per month.

Snack bar stash;)

Onions (from our garden) and garlic.

Beans, lentil and and super healthy!

And finally our huge pile o' apples.

I usually have more fruits and veggies on hand, but I  have to go to the farm market today and get some fresh:) I ♥ farm markets:)

If you go to this, this and this post, you will understand the basics of eating better.

As a first step to a happy, healthy family...

I want you to go through your cupboards, pantry and fridge...

Eliminate anything that contains artificial coloring, flavors and sweeteners!

Eliminate anything that contains "partially hydrogenated" in the ingredients!

Eliminate everything that contains MSG or sodium nitrate or nitrite!

You have just made the first step to cleaning up your diet:)

I hope you will come back tomorrow to see how I make healthy snacks easy and convenient:)

Please feel free to grab a button from my sidebar and share the health!



  1. Wow! You have a TON of food! If you followed Dani Johnson's war on debt you could eat out of your pantry for months!!! :) That is what we are doing! I only spent $265 for 5 people in the month of September!!! :)

  2. We should do that! I am a grocery-a-holic;)

  3. This post makes me SO hungry. You do have a lot of food! That's always good when life gets busy. Your spice collection is TO DIE FOR! lol... I can't wait to follow along this month!

  4. Way to go! I just tweeted you asking how you make your lattes but I see your bought Oregon Chai liquid concentrate. That is the same stuff I buy and I love it!

  5. I'm with Kylie! I'm starving now that I read this!! Can I come over for dinner one night? haha :)

  6. oh my goodness you have a wonderful variety of food. I so need you to come shopping with me. I fell off the wagon last time I went and got a bunch of not-so-good for you food, it was a bad day. :)

  7. Oooh, I like this. We are just starting to try to clean up our eating. Thanks for the inspiration!


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