Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Afternoon


Because I am sure you are all dying to know what I do on a Monday afternoon…

Here goes!

After I drop Lily off at preschool, I usually take my big, drooling mutt for a walk.

Here I am after an hour and ten minutes of brisk walking in 31 degree weather.

Jan 16-1

Very much ready for a warm coffee treat!


Grande Vanilla Latte with nonfat milk…Ahhh!

Then, because I have almost two hours to kill (I would just go home, but we live too far from town and I can’t justify wasting the gas), I usually run my errands or find a place to park and work.


Today I parked at the waterfront so I could enjoy the frigid lake view.



Tuned into my FAVORITE station…Sirius XM The Bridge…yeah…I’m that big of a dork.



My MiFi and Kindkle Fire, ready to get down to business. (On a side note…I think that the bus driver parked across the lot from me thought I was nuts…taking pictures of myself, my lap, the water…)



Oh yeah, if you look at my reflection, I still have my hat on, and kind of look like a thug…in a minivan..haha!

NUTS, I tell you! Completely NUTS!



So…I lost my hat and chugged my caffeine.


After I finished answering emails and making a few Shaklee calls…



I ventured into the natural food market to look around. There is some AWESOME stuff in there! I hadn’t been in a long time…but I am going back again soon!  It is the perfect place to find gluten free groceries. Next time I may take my camera…I feel a blog post coming on…



Here are my scores.


After the market, I picked up both kiddos and headed home to make some homemade veggie soup.


Recipe to come tomorrow!


So there it is…What I do on a Monday afternoon.




  1. yum! Can't wait to see your soup! :) I love reading your food posts! :) Your blog looks great!

  2. Thanks, Erin! I still have to do my tabs and a few pics in my sidebar...but I'm getting to that...haha!

  3. You had me at waterfront and Starbucks!! ;) I think that that is a perfect morning! I do that almost every morning, go get my Chai and off to the beach to see what is going on. You look adorable in your hat, not like a thug. :)

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