Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Monday?…Try MUNDANE


Posts are going to be few and far between for a bit.

I have decided to make the move to Wordpress…and it is a tad trickier than I expected. I plan to start fresh, with a totally new blog! I have a ton of new ideas, and I am EXCITED to shareSmile 


For now…

How about a little look into my Monday. This is some riveting stuff (I am being so sarcastic).


The kiddos bedding was in major need of washing. I am pretty sure the dust mites were building condominiums in the fiberfill of my babies’ quilts.


Unfortunately, our washer and dryer are way too small to wash either one of their comfortersSad smile So…

After dropping Lil off at preschool, off to the laundromat I went. 

Now, I HATE going anywhere unfamiliar. I avoid it at all cost. There are only 2 gas stations that I go to. EVER. If I am out of gas on the wrong side of town (which NEVER happens), I go into freak out mode (yeah…I’m that disturbed). I have been avoiding this laundry task for a while, because the laundromat I have always used is now closed…eek!

Upon arriving, I am immediately transported back in time…

Which is odd, because I think this particular laundromat is less than ten years old. But, I think it is an unwritten rule that laundromats keep a retro feel.


lm 2



I thought a little 60’s effect on the pics was appropriate.



lm 4



Luckily I brought my own soap, because the first rule of the laundromat is…IT’S A HUGE RIPOFF!



lm 3



A woman was washing her husband’s work shirts, which kind of played into the retro theme. They have a Pepsi logo on them, but I wasn’t  going to get all up in her business just so you could see this. Plus, I kind of looked a little crazy taking random pictures in the laundromat.



lm 6




lm 5



While the pictures have a retro flair, the prices definitely knock you back to the present. That is $6.50 for one washer!!



lm 7



Can you find me?


The amateur photog bit got old real fast (and I think I was a suspected health department spy)…



LM 1



Luckily, Starbucks was only a few stores away. So I settled into a very uncomfortable plastic chair and got my read on. 


But, when a disheveled lady walks in and drops a bag of pukey smelling bedding on a table in front of you…


And you’ve spent $16.75 to wash and partially (there was NO WAY was sticking around) dry 2 blankets…


lm 11


It’s time ta go…


Real fast…


And douse yourself in a bottle of PurellSmile with tongue out


I hope your Monday was WAY more AWESOME than mine!




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