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Where To Begin…Part 3


It’s been a while. Did you think I was going to leave you hanging? Nah! I actually forgot…haha! Yeah…imagine that…me forgetting something! It happens way more frequently than I’d like to admit! Any professional organizers out there…I could use some serious HELP...haha!

If you are new to my blog, or haven’t visited in a while, I started a healthy eating series called “Where To Begin”. To catch up, or just refresh your memories, here is Part 1, and here is Part 2.

I am sure that you have rid your pantry and refrigerator of junk and chemicals…and you have been patiently waiting for me to tell you the next step…

Well…I have told you what not to eat, so I thought I would start telling you what you should eat!

As we all learned in grade school, our bodies need fuel, in the form of food, to function. The more nutritious the fuel, the healthier your body will become. Seems simple…

Apparently not as simple as one would hope. While we know we should eat “healthy”, most of us have no clue what healthy actually is. One person’s view of healthy may be a diet filled with fat free, low fat, and low calorie foods. Another may feel that as long as they get their 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, they will always be the picture of health. A lot of us think that if we are following the latest fad diet, we are definitely eating healthy. Guess what…I have been each of these people…and I have been so completely WRONG!

I have been researching diet for years, and even now stumble upon things I never knew.

Here is my personal diet (diet as in what I eat…not weight loss plan!)…



I NEVER skip breakfast!

If you do this, you are setting yourself up for a day of hunger and low energy. A high protein meal will give you the best start to your day.

Examples of what I eat:

  • 2 eggs, scrambled or soft boiled (YES, you want to include the yolk! That is where your nutrients are…the omega 3’s, B vitamins, calcium and vitamins) with a piece of fruit or a cup of berries.
  • Overnight Oats (here is my favorite recipe)
  • A protein shake (Cinch is my favorite!)
  • Whole wheat toast topped with 1-2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter and a sliced banana

I like to keep my breakfast between 400 and 500 calories. This is usually my biggest meal of the day. If I eat a 500 calorie breakfast, I am NOT hungry again until lunch!

For lunch I usually have a protein shake every day. It is easy, healthy, and I know I am getting all of the nutrients I need. My favorite shake is a soy protein shake, and is the only shake I have found that keeps me full throughout the afternoon. It is made from all natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, artificial sweeteners (watch out, because most shakes contain these!) artificial flavoring or preservatives! I have found several ways to mix my protein, so it suits my mood and tastes for the day. I will be sharing these recipes tomorrow!

I snack on veggies and hummus (a good combo of antioxidants and protein), fruit (apples and bananas are highly portable and good sources of vitamins and fiber), and nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds are my tops).

For dinner I try to eat a lean source of protein (beans or lean meat), a complex carbohydrate (brown rice, whole wheat or rice pasta, or quinoa), a veggie, and a  big salad with a homemade vinaigrette. I will be working on creating a “Recipes” tab this week, where you will be able to find my dinner recipes (and also a few for treats!).

In the evening I snack on either high protein or high fiber foods…popcorn, a small, all natural protein bar, or almond butter on an apple or pear. Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly snackish, I will have a less nutrient rich snack…Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips and organic raspberry jam or apple butter, blue corn tortilla chips and homemade salsa, an ounce of dark organic chocolate…I am so not about deprivation! If it is made of whole, real food ingredients…and I want it…I will let myself eat it! But not gorge myself.

For me personally, 1800-2000 calories per day works. I do have a pretty fast metabolism though. I also walk 5 or more days per week for an hour or more, on routes that include steep inclines, and will sometimes run or jog part of the way (depending on how my neck and back are feeing).


Did you notice a theme?

Lots of lean protein, fruits, veggies and healthy fats! 


To give you a better feel of what my food life looks like…

Here are some pictures of a few of my grocery hauls…


groceries 3






grocery 6


My pantry and dry goods…



organize 3


organize 2


The fridge…


refri 17

(These pics were taken before I realized that I had a cow’s milk allergy…so the dairy is slightly less lately, but I still keep a lot on hand for my kiddos and husband!)


Next week I will give you the “why” (why eat this way!), and I will show you how to add healthy foods into your own diets.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



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