Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simple Fall Table

While at the market this morning, I spotted some cute little pumpkin gourds. Every year I purchase a few of them to decorate our table. I was particularly excited about them today, because I knew they would look awesome with the reversible table runner I (my mom) sewed last month.
And I was right!

fall table 1

Pretty and simple.

The best part…
All of my table décor, runner included, cost under $16! Very budget friendly.
The fabric was around $14…
The gourds were $2…
The pinecones and acorns were FREE…we have been collecting them on our family walks and bike/scooter rides…
And, I totally garbage picked the basket vases. So proud…so proud.

fall table 2

I am thinking I will keep it this way for a few more weeks, then whip (hahahaha…yeah right) up a more Halloween-y runner, and accent it with some festive, spooky décor…
But for right now, I am pretty happy with this!

fall table 3

I also want to share a gorgeous picture I took from the parking lot of the farm market…


Does that not just scream FALL!?!

The Lettered Cottage


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  1. Absolutely beautiful love love love the colors of Fall !!! Thanks for sharing Love your center piece!


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