Wednesday, October 3, 2012

German Apple Cake



Geramn apple 14


This is a continuation of my bushel of apples series…

Unfortunately, I came down with a horrid case of the crud from H-E-double hockey sticks, so the series is being pushed into the next few weeks. 

You will notice that this isn’t the prettiest cake I have ever made…I found myself wanting to lie down halfway through the process (sicker than a dog, I tell ya), but I powered through, and hope I am able to give you a good picture tutorial.

I follow THIS recipe exactly…Shocking, I know!


Apple Cake



Apple Cake 2



Apple Cake 3



Apple Cake 4



Apple Cake 5


I use a Bundt pan,instead of a 9x13 inch baking pan. I think it makes it look much prettier…but it does add 10 minutes to the baking time.  Make sure you butter and flour your pan very well, as this cake sticks like crazy.



Apple Cake 7



Apple Cake 8


I cool my cake on a rack.

While it is cooling, I make the caramel frosting…recipe HERE. You could definitely serve this without any frosting. It is super moist! If you pass on the icing you may want to dust the cake with a little powdered sugar after it cools completely. This will make it look pretty and professional.


Apple CAke 12


I use cream in place of milk.




I always end up adding extra cream to the icing after I have mixed in the powdered sugar.


Apple Cake 11


This was a tad runny for my liking…but again, I was in no shape to mess with it.


German Aplle cake 15


I guess the taste wasn’t affected, because my husband and kids ate the whole thing in two days! Unfortunately I was unable to taste it myself (and my tummy was a bit off). Which totally means I need to make another;)




This is a picture of an apple cake I made last fall. The icing is a much smoother, and evenly poured over the cake.

I think this would be a gorgeous, and DELICIOUS, cake to make for a fall dinner party.




  1. Yummy!!!!! I can't wait to try this cake. That's exactly what happened my birthday week. I made my favorite carrot cake and tasted one bite. My hubby joked that he knew I felt really bad if I didn't touch that cake. lol


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