Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Party? Why Didn't I Get an Invite?

So....Today I was going to do a post on the one of the many outrageous things my daughter does. And I was going to include pictures, but I find that my camera is out of battery juice.

Here is why...

Thursday morning, around ten, I realized that I hadn't heard a peep out of the little girl for about a half hour (I'm not a bad mom, just needed to mop my kitchen floor and really got into it (yeah right!)), so I wandered down the hall for a looksie. She was in her bedroom, wearing the same garb as she was in my last post, except I think she was rocking her yellow heals this time, taking pictures of her doll. The doll was propped up on several pillows with a partialy deflated balloon (left over from great-grandmas birthday bash) beside her, wearing a "party hat" (a.k.a. play construction cone). I, freaking out because the last time she "borrowed" my camera it took several days and one frustrated husband to find, asked, "What are you doing with my camera?"

She looked at me and said "Taking pictures of Baby's first birthday, and I didn't invite you," with her nose all squished in complete toddler defiance. Then, because she is a total stinker, she pointed the camera at me and took another picture.

I grabbed the camera from her and discoverd that she had taken 59 pitures!!! The worst part was, at least ten of them were of me mopping the kitchen floor. I hadn't even noticed!

Then, because she has no shame, she says, "Baby wants a strawberry birthday cake with pink frosting." Like I was going to just go into the kitchen a whip one up for "Baby".

Now, as I sit at work (bored to tears), I find that my camera battery is dead. And I have no pictures for you all to see. Sorry. Blame it on a little girl with an enormous attitude.



  1. Great story and you write very well by the way. I was really into the story. My daughter has also propped her dolls or studd animals up on pillows making makeshift chairs and asking to borrow my camera so she can take pictures. I set a limit of a few photos and when I get the camera back there are dozens. She plays with the calculator on my cell phone when we are shopping and apparently found out how to use the camera and took so many pictures that my phone became a dud and wouldn't function at all unless I deleted some of the pictures to clear some space!

  2. Thank you Kelly! Our daughters sound so similar!


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