Friday, December 3, 2010

This Is Me

I finally decided to start my first (really second) post. After months of reading hundreds of other blogs, which BTW I am ADDICTED to, I am taking the leap. I still can't get my pictures to post properly, so I don't have any pictures posted yet (partially a lie...I HATE the way I look in pictures, so I haven't been trying very hard).

Here goes...

I am a thirty-something wife, mom and part-time executive assistant (fancy words for secretary) at my family's construction company. I have been married to the love of my life since I was twenty, which most people think is way too young, but I'm the when-I-love-I-love-with-all-my-heart-forever-type.

We have two gorgeous babies.

Our son is nine. He was born with DiGeorge Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion), which means that he is missing a small piece of his 22nd chromosome. Although almost nobody has heard of DiGeorge, it is the second most common genetic mutation, with Down's Syndrome being the most common. The little bugger is also autistic (likely a caused by the DiGeorge), and has probable ADHD (we are waiting to have expensive testing done to confirm this), and is starting to display some mild ticks and twitches. I'm really not "unloading" all of this, or needing a pity-party. I just want to be straight-up. He is the most wonderful, imaginitive (hard to believe with the autism), funny boy. He loves to fish, hunt, tell jokes and watch Thomas the Tank movies. There is just something about that Thomas the Tank that mesmerizes a lot of autistic children. We do struggle with all of this on a daily basis, but I could NOT imagine my life without him exactly the way he is.

We also have another child....a girl. She's three. Need I say more? I wanted a girl. Prayed for a girl. And oh boy did I get a GIRL! She is bossy, sassy, stubborn, mischevious, and pretty darn cute. She loves anything girly. Her faves are Pinkalicious, Disney Princesses, Dora, Angelina Ballerina, baking with mommy, tutus (she wears one everywhere!!), and walking around the house in the most treacherous plastic high heeled dress shoes I have ever seen. She is extremely smart (I'm not just saying this because I'm her mom), and is SO ready to start school. But I can't bear to part with her yet.

I went to college for three years, but have no degree. I've changed my mind so many times (nursing, business administration, English) that I've stopped taking classes until I can decide what I want to be when I grow up. It is a tie between romance novelist and bakery owner. Some other little tidbits:

I talk way too much.
I love to bake (it relaxes me).
I am super sensitive (cry like a baby over nothing).
I am a practicing Catholic!!
I love 70's soft rock music.
I hate driving in the winter (causes major panic/anxiety attacks!!).
I love to create characters and stories in my mind, but rarely have time or attention span to write them down.

I guess that's all for now. I hope I haven't bored anyone (if anyone even reads this). I promise that I will try harder to get some pictures up. At least of my kids.

Oh yeah...

What would you guys most like to hear about? Baking, my struggles with raising a special needs child, my day-to-day garbage? Let me know.



  1. We have a lot in common. I am also a little neurotic as my husband says. Your daughter sounds similar my daughter, who is four years old. I also hate all of my pictures. I don't think the pictures really look like me, they are always awful. The best pictures of me are ones in sunglasses, I am somewhat hidden then. I am glad I don't have to drive in the winter snow anymore...I know what you mean about the anxiety. The last thing I want is to slide into someone or someone to slide into me or end up in a ditch in the freezing cold. I really enjoyed your introduction for your blog. You write very well. I look forward to your future posts. :) ~Kelly

  2. Thank you Kelly! I posted it before I proofed it and am now finding several spelling and grammatical errors, which is going to bother me for the rest of the day...but oh well. I'll definitely have to try the pics with shades thing. My profile pic on AR is so awful! Yours are always so cute:)

  3. Hi Jessie,

    I found you on Kelly's blog...:-) I just started my own blog and computers and I REALLY do not get along at all...I just keep playing around with my settings and design...I am still not happy with mine...I read that there are new fonts available, but apparently I am not using the right browser, b/c I do not have the new fonts available. I will eventually figure it out. If you are still trying to figure out how to get a photo, that is something I figured out by accident. On your posts, you just click on the icon next to the word 'link' and you can browse your computer for whatever photo you want to include in your blog for your avi photo...I use a google account, so the photo I added there is the photo that shows up on my profile. Good luck with your Blog! (We just had our first snow storm of the season and I am sooooo glad I did not have to drive in it...I am usually white-knuckled all the way to my destination when I am driving in the snow!!)~Jennifer

  4. Thank you for all the advice Jennifer! I am hoping to do a post this week with some picture.


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