Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been seeing so many neat things lately. Things that I would like to have. Things that would make my life easier. Things that I never knew existed.

So...I thought that I would share:-)

While browsing the Pottery Barn website, which I do often. Not because I can afford all of the lovely things I find, but because I like to torture myself by looking at all the lovely things I can't afford.

Make sense?


Anywho...I saw this gorgeous bedding.

I LOVE it! I want it! I can't have it.

Darn it!

I was a little shocked to find something that I loved as much as this set...

Which is SOLD OUT.

I was bummed out about that.

Until last night, when I realized there was another gorgeous bedding set for me to lust after. (sigh)

Moving on...

I just bought a new purse. It's great. Except for the fact that it only has two small pockets on the inside. And a black hole of space for all my worldly possesions to become lost.

I wish that they made an organizer that could hold all of my belongings, that I could just drop into my purse...


The Purseket.

Apparently Oprah made these popular. I guess I was the last to know.

Now, this may be my favorite thing.

I saw this in my March issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I think I even had a dream about it last night.

I know. I know. I live a pathetic, sheltered life.

But I hate laundry! And this is just too cool. I want one for each bedroom. You can find them at


I was on one of my favorite websites this morning,, and found out about this website.

A website where you can find out if that leftover whatever is still good, or if you will end up tossing your cookies if you consume it.

I must warn you though...

Never ask a bunch of total strangers if it is safe to eat a leftover Christmas ham that you stuffed in the freezer after eight days of sitting in your fridge. It will spark a heated debate on food safety (and whether or not you should put your digestive health in the hands of complete strangers). Love you guys on the Recipe Buzz!

Have a happy Friday!



  1. I often look at things that I can't get right away, but I love looking and getting ideas and working my way towards it. Have you checked eBay for the Pottery Barn bedding? I get all of my Pottery Barn silk duponi curtains on eBay, brand new for waaaaay less that the store. I also bought my daughters full bedding set by Pottery Barn for $130 with shipping, included everything and brand new from eBay.

  2. Good idea! I always forget to look on eBay. I could probably find the original set I wanted that is sold out. I am going to look now...Thanks!


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