Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Craziness

This weekend was busy, busy, busy!

I was asked to be a "hair model" for a wedding expo on Saturday. It was an excellent chance to scope out the cake vendors in my area (and I got in for FREE). Hopefully I will be experienced enough to have my own booth next year! There were some gorgeous cakes on display.

I was taking my own pictures, so they aren't the best quality.

I had to go to mass with my hair like that, because I knew if I took it out it would be a hot mess.

Then, on Sunday morning, we went to Kohl's. We had gotten two Keurig coffee brewers for Christmas, and had to return one of them. I know, I know, Christmas was TWO months ago, but Kohl's is forty miles away. In the SNOW. Nuff said.

We purchased a new knife set. I can't wait to make soup tonight! Hopefully I won't chop my finger off. (side note: I got a new serrated knife a few weeks ago and sliced my finger open not once, but twice, within a span of ohhh....five days. The first cut definitely needed stiches, but I had cakes to bake, so I taped it up and soldiered through. The second one wasn't as deep.)

Then, last night, I finally got to finish my sample purse shaped cake.

It is incredibly dry in my house, so the fondant was cracking all over the place, but I managed to get the cake covered and the cute zebra stripes applied.

After the kiddos were in bed, I cut out and shaped my flowers. I have way too many "helpers", so I have found that if I want to get anything accomplished, I have to wait for the little stinkers to drift off to dreamland.

The finished product! Not too bad for my first try.


Here is my office space. Which is also our bedroom. Notice the awful purple walls, and horrible looking vanity-table-turned-desk.

I have some mighty big plans for this area! Including a fresh coat of paint for my walls (it was painted ten years ago...give me a break please), and a good sanding and painting for my desk (which had a mirror attached to it last week, but I already ditched that). Maybe a fabric covered bulliten board...

I can't wait to get started!



  1. Jessie...
    to cute I love your office space... and I am getting my own cupcake buissness going too... wish we were closer we could help eachother out! Miss you and good luck!

  2. I miss you too Amanda! It would be fun to work together! Good luck to you also. I hope you are successful:-)


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