Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Here we are again.

On the hunt for our perfectly imperfect house.

I got my hopes up this time...just a tad.

We knew that this house was "updated" and "clean".

Which already put it ahead of the last two.


We walked inside, into a little back entrance. It smelled old. But I can deal with old. There were stairs leading to a dungeonous Michigan basement (definition: tiny, dank storage area. Sometimes houses the washer and dryer. You know...the kind that you run up the stairs each time you have to go "down there", like the hounds of hell are on your heels.), which I passed on seeing.  My brave husband went down there.  Then informed me that the washer and dryer were indeed located down there. (Cringe)

But, once we got passed the back entry...

The kitchen.

Not so bad! It looks like people actually live here! They may even prepare food here. In fact I'm sure they do, because there are new stainless steel appliances throughout!


The rest of the lower level was pretty darn good. (I'm sorry. I was so stoked that I forgot to take pictures!) There was only one bathroom, but we can deal with that for now. It had been updated in the past few years, so it was clean and spacious enough.

The lower level was making the grade!

Then we went upstairs...

This was the first room we came to.  Pretty tiny...

Might be able to squeeze the mini might (little girl) into it...


THIS is how you enter the teeny tiny room!

Notice something?

Like the fact that that you could walk out the "door" (there was no actual door) and break your NECK!!!

I so wanted to cry.

I was crying.

I was doing that look up, blinky thing.  You know?  Where you try to keep the flood of tears back...

The one where your throat starts to get tight and hurt.


The other two rooms were fine, by the way.

So, here is the list of problems with this house:

One bathroom (can deal with that)
Old windows that need to replaced.
Small, probably scary basement (which I was too chicken to go down and see)
No garage (again, can be remedied later)
Only one heat run to the upper level.

Oh yeah... and you could possibly kill yourself if you were to accidentally walk out of the bedroom in the middle of the night.

The seriously sad part of this...

I am considering this as a possibility! I am surely desperate. Tell me I am DESPERATE!

At first we told out Realtor "No way!"


I e-mailed him...

And might have said it wasn't entirely out of the question.

My super duper handy hubby said that we could eventually build a garage and add a room above it. Wall off the entrance to the room of doom. Rework the top level. Add another bathroom...

What do you think?

Am I desperate?

Have I lost my house hunting mojo?


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