Saturday, March 5, 2011

The House Hunt Continues...And Some Yummies Too!


This week we went house hunting.


This house was a real doosey.

I had such high hopes that this was our delapidated fixer-upper.

Maybe a new door...? Not so bad.

Some adorable little critter chewed through the porch roof...Fixable?

A little peeling paint...

Hmmmm? Looks like some foundation trouble...Not lookin' as promising (like it really had been).


What a (these were the ONLY cabinets).


The BESTEST part!


Run! Run! And don't look back!

This was so not our home.

Maybe next time☺

The other things about this little gem, not shown in the pics:

More signs (if you get my drift) of critter infestation.

Squishy, rotting floors.

The wall had pushed into the basement.

Stunk to high heaven.

Bathroom described by our three-year-daughter as "disgusting".


More MOLD!

On a tastier note...

I made some super delectable yummies this week...

Wanna see?

Pioneer Woman's Restaraunt Style Salsa (we will never buy the crap in the jar again).

Donut Muffins from Allrecipes, by Dianne

Meatball subs.
Created from Meatball Nirvana, another Allrecipes find.

You guessed it! AR!

Next week promises to bring more house hunting, a few cake orders, and hopefully a start on refurbishing my desk/vanity.

I hope you'll stop back by!

Have a lovely weekend ♥
(I just learned the hearts and smileys, so give me a break)



  1. Oh how I LOVE fresh salsa!! That looks sooooo yummy!!

  2. The food looks delicious! Keep us updated on the house and thanks for taking us along with you. ;)

  3. Yummy looking food and great photos! Sorry the house wasn't "the one." I hope you find your dream house soon, I'm sure there's one out there that just right for your family. Thanks for the plug of my blog and donut muffins! I'm glad you enjoy the recipe! :)

  4. that house really is a fixer upper:) Good luck in your search!!!

  5. Awww...what a disappointing house tour. How do things like this happen to perfectly good homes?!?!? It is a question we will never know (or want to know) the answer to :) Your food goodness looks simply fantastic!

  6. Hi Jesse!! It is so nice to see another Michigander! :) You are so right, Michigan is so beautiful! We go to Glen Lake every year and my soul lives up there when I am here. :) Thank you so much for your kind comments!
    Sorry about the house, yikes! Good luck on your search. The food looks so good! I love me a homemade salsa!!! Have a great day!


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