Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days to a Happy, Healthy Family: A Simple, Healthy Lunch

Today I am going to give you an idea for a kid-friendly, healthy lunch, made from leftovers.

I buy one or two organic chickens every week. I usually roast them using this recipe. We eat the chicken as a meal with a few sides, and use the leftovers for other meals. One of our favorites is this quick and easy chicken salad.

 I pull as much meat off the chicken as I can, and place it in a bowl.

To that, I add a little diced red onion, chopped celery, some dried cherries and  pecans, almonds or cashewsThen, I mix in some olive oil mayo. I prefer to use organic, because there are no artificial preservatives...
This time I used Hellman's Olive Oil Mayo.

 I had some lettuce leftover from a salad the previous night, so I added that to up the nutritional value.
I also use 100% whole wheat bread (organic) for more vitamins and fiber:)

 This apple slicer is becoming one of my most used kitchen utensils. It is a must have! Especially if you have kids:)

I add a few spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt sprinkled with some organic cinnamon, as dip for the apples.


A delicious lunch...
That was quicker, easier and  HEALTHIER than any mac and cheese;)
 I hope you are enjoying the series:)


  1. That looks really good!! I love chicken salad, thanks for the recipe!

  2. Love some easy lunch ideas! Thanks!


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