Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

I am so excited!
We are finally remodeling our bathroom!!!
If you read my blog regularly, you are probably remembering that we have been in the process of looking for a new house.
That hasn't gone so well:(
After bidding wars and offers on 5 houses...
We have decided to wait.

In the meantime...
The house we have lived in for 11 years (wow!) needs some TLC.

We moved into our current home the day after we got married, 11 years ago. It is a rental owned by my parents.

Trust me, we never intended to live here for 11YEARS!
But, after Gabe was born, I was forced to quit my job and stay home with him. His health did not allow for him to be in daycare, and as he grew, it became apparent that there were more problems than we initially thought. Long story short...We made the decision that I would not go back to work full time.

So, we have stayed in our rental, hoping to one day be able to afford our own home.
Then, the housing market changed, and we found that we could afford our own home!
After much consideration...
and many awful home tours (we have a tight budget).
We have we want to build a house ourselves!

Now we have to wait.
Building you own home requires significantly more money down:( 
Until then, we are making this one more livable:)

On to the remod...

 The gorgeous vanity and sink...
Love the 70's modular style...haha!

It really is clean...
Just old.

We have had 3 tub surrounds on this shower/tub...
and fixed the drywall each time we replaced it...
Because of poor design, it ALWAYS leaked!

Rotten drywall and floor:(

This is the Be-u-ti-ful paneling that we painted over 11 years ago.
I know, the yellow isn't much better...
I will prove that my taste has definitely improved:)

Love demo. (or rather watching hot hubby demo;))

Rewiring the fan/light.

More electrical...

Drywall ceiling! No more PANELING!!

It works!

After day 3...

Here is a sneak peek of what's to come!

This is what it looks like this morning:)

 We (meaning my awesome husband) should be completely done by Sunday:)
I can't wait to share it with you!


  1. How fun and exciting!!! It looks good so far and I can't wait to see it complete!
    Sorry about the housing thing but so cool that you have decided to build. I know it takes a bit more but you will get what you want and need, we hope to build some day as well.
    Have fun!!

  2. This is great!!! My parents just redid their bathroom and couldn't be happier. Love what you've picked out - can't wait to see it all done! It's so great when you can do projects like this yourself - props to your hubby!

    - Erica Lee

  3. wow! It is gonna look so great! I can't wait to see! :)

  4. Ooohh How awesome is that! Everything must be so exciting. I wish we could remodel ours as well, but we rent. It will have to wait for someday when we own our old fixer upper Victorian home. That is the dreams anyways :)

  5. I love the gray toned paints on the right side of the picture you are pointing to. I also love the lighting fixture and the vanity you picked. Thank your for sharing the photos and progress and I am excited for you and your new bathroom.


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