Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm back.
I hope.

So much has been going on...

Starting with the fact I was unable to post,
then unable to leave comments...
then the school year started to wind down, and I was super busy...
then we bid on another house...
and lost the bidding war...




It is full time through the summer, and goes to parttime through the fall and winter.
Which is perfect for me.
I like to be available for the kiddos during the school year.

I am working on an upcoming post about my NEW job.


(I hope that the tech issues are behind me;))



  1. Hi Jessie!! I am so glad that you are back!! :) Blogger has been such a pain lately. Congrats on the job and I can't wait to hear about it!! I hope that your summer is going good so far and thank you for your sweet words about our Rodman, it has been pretty quiet here and this gloomy weather isn't helping.
    Hugs to you!!!

  2. Yay, Jessie's back! I was hoping everything was ok with you and your family. Congrats on the job! I hope they fix things here on Blogger, I'm getting frustrated too. I finally found a blog name that I really like, so I have moved my blog. It's the same blog, but different name and url.
    Hope to hear about your new job soon!

  3. Yay! I checked here every so often, hoping that all was well with you. Congrats on the job:) and I look forward to some yummy, summer-y fresh midwestern recipes from your blog.

  4. Hi sweets! I hope you enjoyed your day and I am so jealous that your job is by the lake!! I would to work by the lake. I hope you are enjoying the job so far and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
    Hugs to you!


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