Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have decided that it is time for a change...



Blogally (that may be pushing it).

As some of you know, my son is autistic, and also has a genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion Syndrome (DiGeorge Syndrome). This has been our greatest challenge, struggle, burden (yes, I am going there), blessing and triumph. If you read this post, you will see that we obviously have our bad days (weeks, months...), but life goes on, and we can't just let it swallow us up. Because our family has a strong faith in God and His goodness, and the support and goodness of others, we have made it through some rough times. The boy who almost did not survive his first months of life, is now a happy, healthy (for the circumstances), funny, caring young man, whom is LOVED and appreciated by his family and friends. When we named him, I did not know how true the meaning of his name would become: Gabriel "God is my strength".

Because of the challenges we have faced with Gabe, I have spent quite a few years doing research (aka: trying to find ways that it was or was not my fault). There is a TON of information out there; studies, advice, books, theories (whacked out or otherwise). One of the main themes I discovered was our environment. It makes sense that where and how we live affects our bodies and our minds.


Wonder where I am going with this?

I have decided to start letting all of you know about the journey we have been taking to improve our lives!

I will write about everything, from the changes we have made in the way we eat and clean, to the daily struggles/impatience/fun of having a special needs child (and his sassy 4-year-old sister). I will also be letting you know about a few decisions I have made over the summer. Oh yeah...and throwing in some fun projects and recipes, because that's what I like to do!!:)

Change is always best in small doses (at least for me...can you say "OCD neurotic mama!"). The changes we have made throughout the past few years have been gradual, but I believe that they are right for us, and could possibly make a difference in someone else's life too.

I hope that you will come back soon! (Like tomorrow, when I explain how I am s-l-o-w-l-y overhauling our diets)



  1. HI Jesse! I love this and that is so thoughtful for you to share your changes with us, I know that we can all change and learn from each as well as help along the way. I love the new look of the blog and I am excited to see what you have been up to for you and your family.

    Thank you too for your sweet comment on my little change, I am excited about it and I hope that it works out, which I think it will. :)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Jessie!
    Change is good!!
    I can't wait to hear about your life changes and get to know you more!
    Bonnie :)


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