Monday, February 20, 2012



Hi there. Long time no see. But…I am working on something BIG!

Until then…a little randomness.



Driving Gabe to school last week…




The moon was incredible! Although you can’t tell in these pictures. Me, and my less than awesome photog skills, could not capture how beautiful the morning actually was.

On a side note, the lack of snow is ridiculous this year! We NEVER have bare patches in early February…we are lucky to have them in April! It is making me crave the spring, and eager to plant our gardenSmile






You can kind of see how grand the moon actually was here (look between the stoplights).



Later that day…





Notice the spot I didn’t see on my camera lense? It was in the previous picture also…Whoops!


The waterfront in town…




Where I set up my makeshift office…Kindle Fire, MiFi, cell phone and Sirrius XM tuned to The Bridge (such a dork I am)…all I needSmile I love to sit here, instead of driving all the way back home, while my daughter is in preschool. I can make my business calls, read and even blog. Plus…I get an AMAZING view (and time to myselfWinking smile)!



A little project I saw on Pinterest. Yes, I try many of the things I pin!





Clipboard schedules for the kiddos. I was considering doing a tutorial, but I kind of stunk at this.  My sweet husband had to help me…haha!

(The little girl with the silly expression HAS to be in EVERY picture she sees me take!)





I still have to put the kid’s names on the bottom, and embellish the clips a bit…I was thinking something nautical, like rope, for Gabe’s…and some girly ribbon for Lily’s.






Because the girly sneaked in a pic, I need to sneak my sweet boy in. I find it funny that all of the pictures I get of Gabe, he’s eating…haha! I guess it is because he HATES having his picture taken (like mommy), but he LOVES to eat! So…I take that as my opportunity!



We took a little trip to Traverse City on Saturday…






Where I got some new running shoes! So excited to break these babies in this week! Rumor has it that I may be training for my first 5k…


We took a little drive out the Leelanau Peninsula…






Gorgeous Lake Michigan…






Even in the winter!





I could sit there all daySmile I think these pics were in Glen Arbor…I can’t remember.



And, finally…





My new wedding ring! I lost my entire wedding set last month while running with my dogSad smile He picked up a fish head from the sidewalk and was chewing on it (at the time I didn’t realize it was a bloddy, slimy fish head), so I stuck my hand in his mouth…GROSS! I did a little girl scream, dance, act like I was being mugged sort of thing, and flung the nasty head out into the street. Little did I know that my ring went with itSad smile I still get weepy thinking about it…

Moving on…

It is not as grand as my wedding set, but we are saving to build a house…and I would MUCh rather have a new house than a flashy ring!


Well, that’s all I have for now. Pretty boring, eh? Haha!




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  1. OHMYGOSH I LOVE THIS and I so jealous!! Glen Arbor!!! I miss it so much! The Manitous look so pretty even in the winter!!! I love that little spot too, we go there all the time to sit on the beach and just watch. I love your shoes and your new ring, gorgeous!! So sorry about your other ring, how sad and really gross.
    It looks like you have had a good week, the clipboards are so cute and the kids are adorable! Good for you for your first 5k!! Are you doing the Cherry Festival one? Ok, how far are you from Glen Arbor? This summer we should meet up if you can!
    Have a wonderful week!!


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