Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wacky Day

Yesterday I promised to talk about what I usually eat on an average day…
Today was not an average day!
But that is okay. Now you can see how I adapt when a few monkey wrenches get thrown into my plans.

First, the alarm did not go off. Which is never good. And Gabe had to give a speech today at 8:45.
I had planned on waking up, scrambling a few eggs, rinsing some berries, and taking a pretty picture to show you all the lovely, healthy breakfast I eat on a somewhat regular basis.
Instead I broke one of my rules…

wacky 9

I did not eat breakfast before I left the house. Instead, I grabbed my coffee (which I usually do anyway), dumped in a few tablespoons of cream, and ran out the door.
Are you thinking…What? Heavy cream?  Yes! A few months ago I saw an awesome segment on Dr. Oz about avoiding milk or half and half in your coffee. It causes insulin levels to spike! Instead, it was suggested to use 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. So I do. And since I haven't gained any weight…I guess it works…plus it is way yummy. Just remember it adds 100 calories to your coffee.
Luckily, I am organized and prepare most everything we will need for our days the night before. So I had my lunch and snack foods ready to go. I did have to toss a little leftover Mexican Bean Salad into a dish to eat as my lunch, as my packed lunch was going to become my breakfast.
Thankfully we arrived at school early.
So, we decide to be extra silly and take pictures of each other making faces. Who doesn’t do that? Right? Haha!


Since you have all seen my “fat” pictures, I suppose it’s okay to show this lovely picture…haha!

My goofy monkey!

wacky 3
Gabe, bless his little heart, always makes awful faces when I take his picture…so this morning I tell him to make a funny face…he gives me a a handsome smile. Go figure!

Gabe spent weeks preparing and practicing his speech about John Adams…

wacky 5
(He even had to dress in character.)
He did a GREAT job! We were so proud of him. This kid isn’t going to let his disabilities stop him!!!

When I finally got to work, I made my breakfast (which was supposed to be my lunch).

wacky 6

A vanilla protein shake with organic skim milk. I have one of these every day for either breakfast or lunch.
I did a little work.
Ate a banana.
Did some more work.
Ate my Mexican Bean Salad leftovers.

wacky 11

Then, my husband called and reminded me that he was working late and wouldn't be home for dinner. I did not remember this. Now my dinner plans had to change. Argh!

So I picked up the kiddos, and instead of the venison (which I do not eat), baked sweet potatoes and salad I was planning on preparing, they ate organic mac and cheese, berries and peas.
I decided on another protein shake…with a little PB2 (love the stuff).

wacky 13
I froze it for about an hour.
While I was waiting for my shake to get all thick and delicious, I was hungry…so I had some berries (the ones I was going to have for breakfast).

wacky 12

Now my hubby is home and I am snacking on a few sweet potato chips and organic raspberry jam.

That is my wacky day and the food adjustments I made.

Do you find it hard to make good food choices on your own wacky days?


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