Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Kitchen: The Bad…The Worse…and the Downright Nasty


One of my favorite things to do in my spare time (HA!) is surf blogs and check out everyone’s AMAZING kitchens…and there are some pretty fabulous ones out there.


This leaves me with a tremendous feeling of inadequacy…and a little bit of the envies…

You see, my kitchen is HORRIBLE!

So horrible, that I am really embarrassed to show these pictures…

But I am keeping it real . PLEASE don’t be too harsh in your judgment…




Here she is in all her dilapidated glory…

missing drawer fronts, 1970’s gold-flecked countertops…




worn cabinets, old stove, black switchplate covers…

You can plainly see…it is BAD!

It is so bad, that when I am taking pictures for my posts, I spend hours cropping out the nastiness (avoiding the judging)…




Don’t you just LOVE the view of my recycle bins, water heater, furnace and assorted crap from the mudroom (which is a whole different sad story in itself)? This is my main obstacle when taking pictures.





I try to get more shots from this angle. But it is really cramped…and you can clearly see one (of three) missing drawer front.









Then we have this lovely view…yet another missing drawer front, my grungy, worn out (although clean) floor, and lovely paneled walls. Oh yeah…and the doggie barricade behind the pretty (said with much sarcasm) baker’s rack.




As you can see…




It is lacking in the loveliness department.




I  have big plans (well, not really big…but noticeable) in store for my little kitchen!


kp 2



kp 1



kp 3

What do you think??

I am open to any suggestions anyone has for me…budget friendly, of course!


Fall is shaping up to be SUPER busy in the Saxton household!




  1. That's all just the surface. What comes out of that kitchen is AMAZING! Love and caring come out of that kitchen all the time. So don't be too hard on what it looks like, because what you do with it is much more important.


    1. Thank you, Jean:) Your kind words have made my day:)

  2. Your kitchen looks a lot like mine. One suggestion I have is to cover your light switch covers with scrap book paper and seal with modge podge. It acts as mini pieces of art around the kitchen.


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