Friday, December 17, 2010


Yesterday afternoon my son got off the bus and came running through the door, stripping off his coat and snowpants, dropping his backpack right smack in the middle of the mudroom floor (to be tripped over by the next sorry soul to come through the door), wanting to know "What's for dinner?"

I answered, "Meatloaf."

The look of horror on that child's face was priceless. "Meatloaf is bisgusting," he whined. (and no that is not a typo, he said "bisgusting")

I replied, "Oh well. That's what I'm making, so that's what you're eating."

But, after the words left my mouth, I remembered something. I remembered being nine, and thinking meatloaf was indeed "bisgusting". I also remembered thinking that when I grew up and had my own kids, I would never make them eat meatloaf. What is it about meatloaf anyway? Kids hate it! You even say the word "meatloaf" around a kid between the ages of 2 and 20, and it elicits dirty looks and gagging noises.

So, as I continued making dinner, which consisted of another chilhood fave, the dreaded PEAS, I started thinking about everything I used to say I would and would not do when I grew up.

Like, I used to say that I was going to leave the "awful" town I am from, and move to California, Malibu, to be precise, and write soap operas. Don't ask me why I thought soap opera writers lived in Malibu.

I was also going to marry a doctor, not a carpenter like my dad (whom I love dearly and provided well for us while we were growing up).

I was never going to be a stay at home mom! I hated to cook or bake, or anything domestic.

And finally I was never going to dress my kids in clothes from Kmart!!

Well guess what...

I live the next town over from my hometown. My husband is a carpenter. For three years I stayed home with my son, before going back to work VERY part-time (at my dad's construction company, where my handsome hubby works). I LOVE to bake and cook, and prefer it to almost anything. And my kids have clothes from, shhhh....Kmart.

And I wouldn't trade any of it for a life in Malibu with a doctor husband.

I got all of that from a meatloaf.


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  1. Fish. That's what I always thought was "bisgusting" when I was a kid. Funny thing now is that I love fish! I even order it when we go out to dinner. All the things on the menu and I order fish. There are a lot of things we never imagined we'd do when we got older, and here we are!


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