Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awesome Dress Deal

I have been eyeing up this cute dress over at The Limited for quite a while.

My wonderful hubby is being baptized and receiving his Sacraments at the Easter Vigil Mass, on April 23.


I was thinking that on such a special occasion, I should get a new Easter dress.
(I already ordered the kiddos and hubby their awesome attire!)

When I saw this sheath dress I fell in LOVE.

It is versatile enough that I can wear it anywhere I need to be a little dressy. I can add accessories, cardis, belts...

The possibilities are endless!


I really couldn't afford the $80 price tag right now. Especially after buying the rest of the fam their outfits.


Then, by some miracle...
(Actually I was stalking the site hoping for a sale.)

It went on SALE for 40% off!!!

It is now $47.94!


It gets better...

I found a coupon code here, that gave me another 25% off!

So I used it, and brought my total down to $35.95!

I should have just stopped there and ordered...


I thought it needed a belt.


I added it to my shopping cart.

Then I looked here again, to see if could get a better deal on both.

And wouldn't ya know...

I found a $20 off a $60 purchase, coupon code!
(which is marked on as a $30 off a $90, but works as a $20 off $60 also)

(you can't use both codes together, but the $20 off was a slightly better deal)

I got both items for...


Plus tax and shipping...


I know...

If I was a real thrifty gal I would have just stopped at the dress.

I'm trying ☺


  1. but the belt will take it to the next level - glad you splurged! LOVE the belt and dress combo :)

  2. What a beautiful dress and the belt will look amazing with it! Great deals too, gotta love that even more!

  3. I love coupons too! It's so much easier to use them online too compared with cutting them out and bringing into a store. The dress is beautiful, by the way.


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