Monday, April 4, 2011

Favorite Kid's Books

I LOVE reading to my kiddos.

Over the years it has become our special bonding time ♥

Every night, after baths, tooth brushing and jammies, we crawl onto my daughter's bed (she has a double bed, so we can all fit), snuggle in, and read.

It is my favorite time of the day.
(and it has nothing to do with me knowing that very shortly I will finally have a peaceful moment to myself...I swear;))


I thought I would share a few of our favorite books!

Santa put this one in the little girl's stocking this past Christmas.

We read it every Sunday evening.

It contains a short little prayer for each day of the week.

It is a nice way to end/start the week.

If you read my blog frequently, you know that my son is autistic.

It is pretty difficult to get him really involved in any particular book.


He really enjoys the Magic Tree House series.

He is becoming quite a history buff, and these books feed his love of anything historical.

I like that we can take turns reading, becuase they are fairly simple.


This is the little girls ALL TIME FAVORITE can't-go-more-than-a-week-without-reading-it book!!!
(I used to read this to her two or three times a DAY!!!)

If you have a little girl, and she is in love with the color pink, and cupcakes, you must buy this one.


I must warn you...

Be prepared to read it A LOT!


This one is my all time favorite.

I remember reading it when I was eight.

I just ordered the boxed set of ALL the Ramona books from Amazon...

And I plan on reading them, one chapter at a time, every night for the next ten years (probably won't take that long...I hope).

What are some of your favorite books to read with your kids? Or nieces, nephews, friends kids...?

Happy Monday ☺



  1. hehe just got upstairs from reading to my little sisters. Such a lovely way to end the day :)

  2. LOVE Cynthia Rylant. We have Dog Heaven by her, but have never read Give me Grace. I will have to try it. Reading time is my favorite time with my girls.


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