Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bring on the Spring Cleaning…The Fridge

With temps soaring into the 50’s (for Northern Michigan that is WARM in March), it seemed fitting to do a little spring cleaning.
I wasn’t going to share this nastiness with you…
But I felt the need to tell you about the AWESOME discovery I made last year. And it is right up my alley!
SAFE, GREEN, NATURAL cleaners! I mean, I was cleaning the fridge. Food…that we eat…goes in the fridge.
Before I discovered Basic H last year, I remember worrying that the Lysol cleaner I was spraying onto the shelves of the fridge would somehow make it’s way into our food. But, I was unable to find anything that cleaned as well. So I rinsed everything well and hoped that I wasn’t poisoning my family.
Then I discovered Shakleeand it totally changed our lives. If you want, you can read about that here!

On to the cleaning…

refri 2

Utterly disgusting. I am ashamed to admit that it has been a couple months since I have cleaned my fridge. But, if I can convince you to STOP using harmful cleaners, it will be totally worth it.

refri 1

I used my Basic H in the degreaser formulation (it was that nasty).

Oh my gosh, do I ever have hairy arms...haha! Luckily I'm a blonde;)

refri 3

It is even safe enough to spray near that sweet little blonde head.
A couple little sidenotes here: 
Yes, we are missing a drawer front. Yes, it has been missing for over a year. Yes, my husband is a carpenter…Hmmm?
That bottle with the yellowish mixture is Basic G, a germicide that is safe when diluted to the properly. I used it to clean the meat drawer. Raw chicken juice FREAKS me out!!

refri 5

For the real icky, sticky messes, I used Scour Off, a paste made from cherry pits, that also smells like cherries. I may or may not have inhaled it a couple times after I unscrewed the lid (it smells that delicious)…and I didn’t have an asthma attack!

refri 6


refri 7

You’re judging, aren’t you?  I would too.


But look how beautiful they turned out!

refri 13

The produce drawer. Which Is always packed to the top in this house.

refri 14

There were a few spots where the plastic had been stained. I would have used bleach (scary) in the past, but I found that Scour Off worked just as well, with no chemical residue or smell.


See! Like new!


Now my veggies are happy again!

refri 9

Spraying down the doors.

refri 10

I love that I don’t have to stress about cleaning anymore.

refri 12

Loading everything back in.

refri 17

That is rust around the handles. I have NO CLUE why it does that (old 80’s fridge?). Scour Off takes that off too! I ran out of time yesterday, but scrubbing that off is tops on my list today.

refri 18


refri 19

You can clean your fridge safely and naturally! It is great for the environment, and for the health of you and your family! Plus, it is dirt cheap! A 16 oz. bottle of Basic H makes 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner, or 8 gallons of degreaser, or, if used as a window cleaner, over 5,000 bottles! Pretty awesome and budget savvy, eh?

Are you ready to start your spring cleaning?



  1. Great cleaning Jessie, Um I have yet to get started on that dreaded cleaning lol:)

  2. Ooooohhhhh pretty!! I dont even want to look into my fridge, I know it needs cleaning bad! I have Basic H too and I love it. Enjoy the week it is supposed to be 70 here, hopefully it makes its way up to you too!!


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