Monday, March 12, 2012




Spring has decided to arrive early in these parts…

and it has me itching to do a few projects!


First…I purchased new bedding a few weeks ago, and it does not match the ugly purple paint (forgive me, I was 20 when I picked it out…12 years ago)…so we are planning to paint it. FINALLY!

Here is one of the fabrics I picked up at Joann. I am in LOVE with the birds! I think this will make a gorgeous pillow or two. I am still deciding on fabric for curtains and other accents. I am wayyyyyy indecisive.


bedroom 1


We are also going to sand and paint a dresser, and my antique vanity-turned-desk. I just can’t decide what color…



Next is a little project for Lily’s wall. I am hoping that the rain lets up soon, so I can get started on this one! It is going to be ADORABLE in her room.



bedroom 2



And for the boy…


bedroom 3


We struggle with finding age appropriate interests for Gabe. His autism definitely affects his maturity, and with that comes obsessions with childish things. Disney’s Cars is one of them, and Thomas the Tank, the other. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE both of these characters. But, for an almost eleven-year-old, it is causing a definite gap in interests with his peers.

So, my mom and I found this AWESOME Route 66 fabric! He loves it! Definitely reminiscent of his favorite movie…but all grown up!

Luckily, he is interested in all trains, not just Thomas (although I think he will always have a spot in his heart for the little blue engine).

I did find the perfect train sheets at Pottery Barn Kids…





but they are sold out…and everyone selling them on ebay has jacked the price up substantially.






bedroom 4


I am going to put a new twist on a project I did last summer. I am really excited to see how this one turns out!


Now you will all have to wait and see the outcomes of my ambitious to-do list…




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