Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Winter Walk



We are having some CRAZY weather! It has been in the 70’s for the past few days…and today we had 81 degrees…in Northern Michigan…on St. Patrick’s Day! Nuts, I tell you!

Friday evening we decided to take full advantage.

As you all know, I am passionate about health. So, as a family, we LOVE to go for walks. My son has a fondness for woods and streams, while my daughter and I are total beach lovers. My brilliant husband knew the perfect destination that combined both!

Here are a few (a BUNCH) pictures of our little trek.


walk 1



walk 2




walk 3




walk 4




walk 5




walk 6

(Sand on my camera lense…whoops!)


walk 7




walk 8



walk 9




walk 10




walk 11




walk 12




walk 13



walk 17




walk 18




walk 19


This was the perfect end to the work week ♥




1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos! Meanwhile it is rainy and cold in Southern California! I welcome the rain since we get so little and I am glad your weather rocks!


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