Monday, April 23, 2012

Tour My Town



I LOVE to walk.

I would walk every day if it were possible.

There is rarely a problem that a nice, long walk can’t make at least a little better.

Lately I am finding this peaceful time to myself especially helpful. The monster that is our son’s autism has decided to wreak a bit of havoc on our lives. We are staring down the long road of adolescence, wondering how we are going to do this…praying for a shortcut. I find myself caught between tears and screaming most days.

But…enough about that!

Back to my happy place…or places!

We live in a relatively small town situated on Little Traverse Bay, which is part of Lake Michigan. It is a prime tourist destination in the summer. When you see the pictures you will know why! The town itself is laced with high-end boutiques, quaint specialty and gift shops, and a few small restaurants and bistros.

On the weekdays, either after work, or after I drop Lily off at preschool, I walk 4 or 5 miles around town.

Today, I decided to take pictures along my normal route. So I could sort of take you along!



Petoskey 2


This is the park across from Gabe’s school.


Petoskey 3


I LOVE this house…set back from the road, and gated, it has an AWESOME view of the Bay. Or at least I assume…I really didn’t want to sneak onto the property and take an actual peek.


Petoskey 4


When I pass this century old house, I always admire the gorgeous porch and lovely landscaping. There is something about a big old porch that whispers relaxing.



Petoskey 6

Here is one of my favorite houses. It is pretty little craftsman, in a nice, neutral color.

I tried to get a picture of my absolute FAVORITE house…but the homeowner was doing some gardening…and I didn’t really want to look like a weirdo.


A little side story (I do those a lot, don’t I?)…

I sometimes (well…always) like to make up little stories in my head about what the homeowners of certain houses are like.


I know!

But, you can tell a lot about a people from looking at there home…or at least you can certainly make up a lot about people…haha!

Did that just completely discredit me in your minds? I hope not…



On with the tour…


Petoskey 7


This is the historic, Perry Hotel, Can you spot the trolley?


Petoskey 8


One of the old train depots, which has been converted to an office building.


Petoskey 10


Ahhh…Little Traverse Bay. A statue of Ignatius Petoskey, the Odawa Chief for whom our city was named, overlooks the sapphire splendor.


Petoskey 11I


Gorgeous. Now you see why I LOVE to walk…I am motivated by breathtaking scenery.


petoskey 30


The waterfront…


petoskey 31


a popular wedding photo destination…


petoskey 33


especially this waterfall.




I swear the sky is bluer here!


The next few photos are in the shopping/restaurant areas.


Petoskey 12I



Petoskey 13I



Petoskey 14I


I would have taken a few more…but road construction was ruining the scenery.


Petoskey 16I


The gazebo in the park.


Petoskey 17I


White picket fences.


Petoskey 18I



Petoskey 19I


Spring gardens.


Petoskey 20I


Tree lined streets.



Petoskey 22


It seriously doesn’t get much better than this.


Being an amateur (stinky) photographer, with a mere Canon Powershot…I was unable to capture the true beauty.

I hope you weren’t bored to tears. Haha!


Happy Monday!!



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