Monday, January 9, 2012

The Little Things


This is a total departure from my usual recipes or healthy living tips.


In order to live a healthy life, you need to reward yourself every once in a while…


I must confess, I am ADDICTED to fashion blogs! I know…sounds a little weird. Especially since most days you will find me in pair of yoga pants and a long sleeve cotton tee. But…It’s what I like to do in my down time (ha!).

Last week, while reading one of my fashion blog faves, Wild Ruffle, I noticed the author, Cate, was wearing an awesome shade of lipstick in one of her pics. I NEVER wear lipstick! I can not find a shade that looks right one me. I resort to clear or barely pink, shimmery glosses. Mostly due to the fact I have the oddest shaped mouth (I stuck the end of a live extension cord in my mouth when I was a baby…now I have a lump of thick scar tissue under my top lip). Anyway…

I wanted that lip color!

So, I commented to Cate, who graciously gave up her shade…

MAC Lipglass in Desire.



It is a gloss, which I usually use, but in a deeper, richer color!

So I cashed in some of my rewards that had accumulated on my credit card account (gotta love cash rewards!) and did a little googling. I found that Nordstrom had the best price, when you take into consideration that the shipping is FREE.

It was just delivered by my friendly UPS delivery man this morning…




What do you think???

I think it’s a keeper!

Thanks, Cate!!




  1. It looks GREAT on you! So glad you treated yourself to it.:)
    cate @

  2. What a great shade - it looks terrific on you! I'm the same way, I love to read fashion magazines, but most of the time I'm in yoga pants and hoodies. Just an FYI, I have a new address for my blog - Hope you stop by!


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