Monday, January 23, 2012

Trying Something New

Today was a day of new experiences.
I didn’t actually wake up an say, “Hey, I’m gonna try a bunch of new things today.” It just sort of happened.
First, my kiddos and husband had a snow day (it was really more of an ice day). I had been planning on going back to the natural foods market since last Monday, and we decided (when the ice melted off the roads) to venture in as a family. Note: A curious, “helpful” little girl, and an autistic boy with Tourette’s Syndrome are always a blast to take along anywhere…especially a store with bulk food bins…NOT!
I have been scouring the internet for new soup recipes all week long, ever since I first laid eyes on all of the gorgeous bulk beans last week.

A little sample of what we bought. I’m thinking…Chili, Vegan Split Pea soup, and this recipe for Garlicky White Bean Soup with Dark Greens. Gotta LOVE soup in the winter! (Oh yeah…I couldn’t forget the organic popcorn for plain old munching.)

We then loaded up the van and were off to the grocery store to pick up a few other things…


This, my friends, is kale. We have NEVER tried kale, so…I said “what the heck,” and tossed it in the cart. Kale is highly nutritious, packed full of cancer fighting antioxidants, and it aids in digestion and detoxifying your body. AWE-SOME!
I had absolutely no clue what the kale’s fate would be…


Until I saw 2 containers of organic mushrooms in the fridge that had to be used ASAP. 
A bunch of kale, some button mushrooms and garlic, sautéed in a little organic butter and olive oil, with some non-GMO soy sauce for flavor. It was TASTY, TASTY!

Still feeling adventurous, I decided to whip out the chia seeds I had also purchases at the natural foods market, and take a stab at making the Chocolate Chia Pudding I have been seeing all over the land of health blogs.


It is a tad slimy, but not disgustingly so. It does still need something…
I think I will be tinkering around with this one a bit, because I did really like the taste of the chia seeds. And, the health benefits of these are RIDICULOUS…Omega-3’s, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, fiber, weight loss potential…I could go on and on. Maybe I will try a vanilla fruit version…
So, there was my day of new experiences. I guess it was only three things, but hey, it was way more adventurous than I had planned.


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  1. It is always fun to try new things an the kale looks really good, I have been hearing all about the Chia seeds. :)
    Have a great day and stay warm!


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