Monday, January 2, 2012

Our First Gluten Free Pizza

You have probably noticed that a few things have changed…like my blog name and design. I am working on a post explaining all of that but, as usual, it is taking me some time. There is so much to explain.

We are trying a gluten free diet for Gabe. It is our hope that the symptoms of his autism will improve (more on that decision in my explanatory post). So, last night I attempted our first gluten free pizza.

I picked up a Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pizza crust mix. I had read several good reviews of this particular crust mix on Amazon. Which, by the way, is a great source for gluten free food. Especially if you live in a relatively rural area like we do. Plus, I get FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING if my order is over $25.
There are also directions to make this mix without eggs, for you vegans out there.

Pretty straightforward ingredients.

The yeast packet comes right in the mix. That was a tad messy, trying to dig it out, but what are ya gonna do?

I added the yeast to my mixer bowl and proofed it for a few minutes in some warm water.

Next, I added the eggs (which I brought to room temp) and olive oil, and mixed them for about 30 seconds with the paddle attachment of my mixer. Then, I poured the mix into the wet ingredients.

Here is what it looked like after mixing on medium speed (4 on my KA). Pretty sticky compared to a traditional crust dough. It almost reminds me of biscuit dough.

I covered the bowl with some plastic wrap (I know, I know…plastic wrap is the devil) and let it set on my warm stove for 20 minutes.

The other devil…cooking spray (at least it is organic) was used to coat my pan. I used an 11x15 inch sheet pan, because we like a more deep dish style pizza.
The mix says it make 2-12inch pizzas or 1-18 inch pizza.

Per the instructions, I got my hands very wet with water to spread the dough onto my pan. I found it much easier to work with this crust than as standard wheat crust. Since there is no gluten, so it isn’t elastic at all, and it didn’t want to pull away from the sides. But again, VERY sticky!

The crust needed to be prebaked…425 for 8 minutes on this one.

The rest is pretty much your basic pizza recipe. Watch out on the cheese though. If you are going gf like we are, you want to shred your own (which I ALWAYS do anyway), as I have found that all shredded cheese contains gluten (and a ton of other nastiness).
The last devil in my pizza making was the pepperoni. This is not organic or preservative free (bad Jessie!). I can’t find it in the store anymore, and will probably have to order it online. But the little boy wanted pizza…and he we can’t have pizza without pepperoni now…can we?

The finished product!

Up close and personal with the crust.

The Verdict:

It was pretty darn good! The crust was soft, fluffier than a normal crust, and it definitely had a different taste…but not unpleasant at all. BOTH of my kiddos devoured it. It is rare when Lily will eat pizza. But she ate her entire piece! We will definitely be making this one again.
I will also be experimenting with this crust mix for other things…
Stay tuned…


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  1. Happy New Year Jessie!!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I am so sorry I haven't been around much, needed a breather. :) I pray that this year brings you many joys and blessings. I love the name and look of your blog and that pizza looks really good.
    Stay warm and dry!!


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